Quality Homemade Frozen Meals



Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver Meal and Drinks boxes. For individual meals, it is a collection service only.

Where do you deliver?

At the moment, we only offer delivery within 5 miles / 8 kilometers from the Angel (Main Street, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5LA).

How do you keep meals frozen in the delivery boxes?

Our Meal boxes are packed within a thermal box. Our gourmet food system has been designed to keep your food order frozen and chilled for 24 hours.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! Delivery is free when you buy a Meal or a Drink Box. For individual meals, it is a collection service only.

Which days do you deliver?

Orders placed on or before Saturday, are delivered on Monday. Orders placed by Wednesday, are delivered on Friday.

About the Meals

Can I choose which meals to add to my box?

We're sorry to disappoint you, but this option is not available at the moment. Nonetheless, we hope to add this service in the future! At the moment you can only choose between a Vegetarian (Veggie) box or a Regular box, with preselected meals.

How do I store the meals?

As soon as you receive the meals (in case of delivery) or as soon as you arrive home, place the meal/s in the freezer below -18C. You will find more information about storage in the meal package.

How do I cook the meals?

Each meal has specific cookings instructions, all included in its packaging. Some meals are not suitable to cook in the microwave, so please careully read the cooking instructions. Meals should be thoroughly defrosted before cooking.

Where can I find allergens information?

Each meal contains detailed information about ingredinets and allergens in its label. If you want to see them before buying the product please downlooad this document

What is the size of each meal?

Each meal is made to serve 1 person, and you can find approximate weight in the packaging.


How can I place an order?

If you wish to buy meals and drinks boxes, you can order from this website! If you're looking to buy individual meals please order through W8r app or follow this link.

How do I know that my order has been placed?

After you place an order, you will get an email from us with a confirmation of your order.